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AngularJS – Easy way to implement jQuery DataTable with ng-repeat

After spending lots of time over searching How to easily implement jQuery DataTable in AngularJS with ng-repeat options (which seems very easy to do but not), I got a very simple way to do this. Here are simple steps to … Continue reading

24. June 2015 by Alauddin Ansari AngularJS, Javascript 5 comments 50548 views Tags: ,

Using JSONP in AngularJs

Today, I have tracking down an “Access Denied” error when I came across an AngularJS that was making a Cross-Domain request. I assumed that it have a limitation with CORS (Cross-Origin Resource Sharing), so I  have found solution hear.   … Continue reading

14. June 2015 by nuruddin AngularJS, Javascript Leave a comment 2358 views