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AngularJS – Easy way to implement jQuery DataTable with ng-repeat

After spending lots of time over searching How to easily implement jQuery DataTable in AngularJS with ng-repeat options (which seems very easy to do but not), I got a very simple way to do this. Here are simple steps to … Continue reading

24. June 2015 by Alauddin Ansari AngularJS, Javascript 5 comments 50548 views Tags: ,

Javascript Timer with Cookies – Keep running while page reloads

Javascript Timer with the feature to keep running even if page refresh or browser close, also have start, pause, reset features. Continue reading

17. June 2015 by Alauddin Ansari Javascript, jQuery Leave a comment 5198 views

Using JSONP in AngularJs

Today, I have tracking down an “Access Denied” error when I came across an AngularJS that was making a Cross-Domain request. I assumed that it have a limitation with CORS (Cross-Origin Resource Sharing), so I  have found solution hear.   … Continue reading

14. June 2015 by nuruddin AngularJS, Javascript Leave a comment 2357 views

jQuery Date Formatter

Sometimes you need to create date input field but not restrict user to enter in a particular format. Yes it’s now possible with the help of this jquery plugin. This plugin let user’s to input their date in any kind of … Continue reading

01. February 2015 by Alauddin Ansari Javascript, jQuery 1 comment 2232 views Tags: , , ,